Who We Are

Persai Decor is a Canadian based furniture company specializing in design and production of Home Decor furnishings, with a distribution network throughout Canada. Persai´s main focuses are contemporary and transitional products, while never compromising quality and comfort. We take pride in our products which consistently reflect the latest trends in style and interior design. We travel extensively and work closely with our suppliers overseas, in order to bring you highly crafted products at affordable prices.

Our Commitment to Quality

Our commitment to innovation extends past product development and into exploring different approaches toward increasing the value delivered to our consumers and maintaining a commitment to high standards of workmanship. With our expertise in home decor and global network of suppliers, we use the highest quality of raw materials from environmentally sustainable sources and maintain the same uniformity across our various product lines. This emphasis on quality and consistency, assures our clients will always receive the same high quality product, no matter which product they purchase.

We Believe in Value

Our mission is to provide our customers with elegantly crafted home furniture that meet their every expectation at affordable prices.  Through our distribution Centre located in the Greater Toronto Area, we remain dedicated to facilitating our customer demand and upholding a rapid shipment of orders anywhere in Canada. When it comes to our retail partners, our notion of service is not only limited to fast shipment, but it also includes prompt communication. We make ourselves easily reachable by email, fax and telephone.